What Is Mobile Insurance? And How It Works?

Hello friends can you live a day without mobile smartphone? A lot of people will answer no to this. Mobile has become the most important part of everyday life in this era. Be it office or home, we are almost always engaged on mobile. And for this we buy more expensive and better mobile. In this context, the security of the mobile also becomes necessary, just as it is necessary to get the insurance of the bike car.

What is Mobile Insurance?

Mobile insurance is such an insurance by which you can avoid the possible loss due to your mobile. In which your phone is protected from damage caused by theft, lost or dropped. For this, you have to buy an insurance plan given by an IRDA certified company.

Mobile insurance is also like your life insurance, health insurance, car insurance etc. In this, you get your phone insured from a company, for which the company takes a fixed amount (premium) from you and in return provides protection to your phone. For example, if the phone is lost, stolen or damaged, then the company will pay you in such a situation

If you are also thinking of taking mobile insurance for your new phone, then remember that you can take it within five days of buying the phone. Generally, insurance companies insure the phone for one year only. If you get more than that, then it is an extended warranty. If you go on the Internet, you will find dozens of companies doing mobile insurance. You can choose the company as per your convenience.

Need for Mobile Insurance

Mobile insurance is a general insurance, and mobile insurance has become the need of changing times, because in today’s changing times, having expensive branded mobiles has become a matter of personal status, everyone wants to have the best mobile, And the price of the best mobile is also very good.

And, in this way, when you buy an expensive mobile, it is an asset like any other asset of yours like your bike or two wheeler ,

And like any property, with this property named mobile, there is a possibility of many possible damages, such as:

  • Mobile phone breaks when it falls
  • Mobile hardware / software problem or dead,
  • Mobile theft,
  • Damage to mobile due to rain water/fire or any other reason,

In case of such problem with cheap mobile, we can easily replace or repair it,

But if you have an expensive premium mobile, and if this kind of problem comes with it, then it is not so easy to get/buy/repair another mobile by replacing the expensive mobile,

It takes a lot of money, which has a bad effect on our pocket and family budget, so keeping in mind this kind of problem with the people, today many insurance companies are providing the facility of mobile insurance,

That is, if you take mobile insurance, then you can be free from worry, that if there is any kind of damage to your mobile, then the insurance company compensates for that loss.

How Does Mobile Insurance Work?

The simple process of working of Mobile Insurance e company is

1. When you buy a new mobile, as well as to avoid any possible future loss with that mobile, you also buy mobile insurance,

You have to pay the cost of insurance i.e. premium fee according to the cost of the mobile, the premium can be one time or can also be renewal based,

2. After this, the insurance company contracts the insurance of your mobile with you, either by filling the form or online through the application of the insurance company,

In this contract, you are told that – What kind of damage you will get with your mobile ( insurance cover ),

3. After this, now if the time period of the insurance such as if there is an insurance coverage of 1 year – then within one year, if there is any kind of loss within the insurance coverage, you can inform the insurance company by calling / emailing, and then that loss is paid by the insurance company

Which companies offer mobile insurance

  • SyncNScan: This company provides insurance protection to protect your mobile device from theft and damage by violent means. Their system automatically backs up the data and restores it when needed.
  • Times Global Insurance: This company provides coverage for liquid damage, screen damage, device theft, malfunction, display/camera problem, accidental damage, or breakdown. You also get the benefit of no-claim bonus.
  • OneAssist: It is a one-stop-shop platform that provides insurance cover to mobile phones.
  • OnsiteGo: This company provides security to your phone even after the manufacturing warranty of your phone has expired. The plan also includes coverage for physical or liquid damages.
  • AppsDaily: This company provides anti-theft protection for mobile phones through the app.

What Kind of Damage Protection are Available In Mobile Insurance?

Under Mobile Insurance, you get different types of insurance coverage from different insurance companies, if we talk about what types of coverage are available, and what types of coverage are not available,

  • So first know – Insurance protection (coverage) available in Mobile Insurance
  • water damage
  • Hardware problem like screen not working, earphone jack or charging problem
  • Fire damage
  • Mobile theft / fire damage
  • Damage caused by Riot, strike, terrorist activities
  • Screen cracking
  • Any kind of damage or damage inside or outside the mobile

Insurance Protection (Coverage) Not Available In Certain Condition

  • If the mobile phone is wrongly reported as missing or stolen,
  • If the mobile has disappeared from a place or vehicle in which you were not or the place where you did not go,
  • If the use of a third person has caused damage or is found to have been stolen,
  • Apart from this, even within the contract of the insurance company, you get written information about what kind of insurance cover you are not going to get

Required Documents

In order to initiate the claim process for the mobile phone, the customer needs to submit the required documents to the insurance company.

Some of these documents may include the original receipt of the phone, the serial number of the phone and the insurance policy number. In case of a missing phone, you need to register an FIR and submit a copy of the same while filing the claim.

Claim Process

After paying for such a plan, to activate the plan, you have to send the smartphone bill and IMEI number clearly visible to the company. Before making a claim, you have to file an FIR within 24 hours of the theft or loss of the missing phone, copy and claim information documents have to be sent to the company within 48 hours.

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