[2022] How To Earn Money From Binomo?

What is Binomo Trading?, What is Binary Option? So today we will give information about Binomo in this post, along with we will also try to know that How to withdraw money from Binomo? Which will prove to be very useful for you.

Trading is being played by people with passion for years , but in the earlier times a huge amount had to be paid for trading, in the beginning only a few selected people preferred trading, today the number of people doing trading has increased and Increasing.

Today there is such an environment that there have been many such binary options which provide the facility of online trading and if we talk about these binary options with very low deposit, then applications like Olymp Trade, IQ Option and Binomo Invest Trade also give you freebies. Installation facility will also be available. But the point comes that what is all this.

So today in this post we are going to tell you in detail about Binomo Invest Trade. So let’s know without wasting time what is Binomo?

What is Binomo?

Binomo is a broker and a trading platform on which you can earn by trading ( in the rise or fall of currency exchange rates, stock prices and indices, commodities and other assets ). This is also a binary option. You can trade comfortably in Binomo even with a very low deposit (10 $ i.e. around 750 ₹).

Here you only have to create an account which is very easy and you can play your bet for trading. This is a very simple way of trading.
In August 2019, Binomo completed four years. During these four years Binomo was awarded the FE Awards in 2015 and IAIR Awards in 2016, besides Binomo has been given Category A by the Finance Commission.

Trading is done by about 40000 Traders everyday, Binomo is valid and played very well in about 133 countries and 35000000 Traders win good money every week by Binomo.

Why are people using Binomo after all?

This question comes in everyone’s mind, why are people using Binomo after all, just like there are people who invest in the stock market, there is no shortage of people who take advantage of investing in trading. There are many people who do not like to do jobs, they want to earn money from money only.

Nowadays, a kind of risk remains in the new business or business, whether it is known or not, such people like to invest in Binomo Trade and try their luck, because investing in it requires very little money. For this also people like to invest more in Binomo.

How to Earn Money From Binomo?

So far you have understood that What is Binomo?, Now the question is that Binomo Se Paise Kaise Kamaye ? First of all you have to register on Binomo, then you can easily earn money by investing money in Binomo. There is no such program of Binomo from which you can earn money directly but you can earn good money by investing in trading. For this you have to deposit money in Binomo and you can earn more money by putting your money at stake.

Betting in Binomo is also very easy, after going to the Dashboard, you can see a graph which goes up and down from time to time, understand that graph is the only way to earn your money.

You have to understand that graph carefully and if you think that now the graph is going to go up further then click on the button of Dashboard Up if the graph stays up and does not go down according to the stipulated time then you will win just like you think If the graph will go down now then you click on the Down button, if the graph does not go up then you will win the trading done on Binomo or else you will lose money.

What are Features of Binomo?

The screenshot shown below is of Binomo dashboard, in this we have given some numbers, on the basis of which we will explain about it.

  1. Time: By looking here, you can find out how much time is now.
  2. Investment: How much are you investing in Binomo Trading, you will be shown here, you can increase or decrease the amount of investment by clicking here.
  3. Strike Price: Here trading fluctuations are shown as a number, it is always changing.
    By clicking here, you can select different types of currency for yourself, due to which you will get the amount in the same currency, but you will also claim on the same currency.
  4. UP: From here you can bet on UP for Binomo Trading.
  5. Down: From here you can bet on Down for Binomo Trading.
  6. From here you can select different types of graphs such as Lines, Candles and Bars.
  7. By clicking here, you can change the time of fluctuation of your graph and see the change in the graph accordingly.
  8. On clicking here, some options will appear, after turning it on, you will be able to make the desired changes in your graph.
  9. In the corner you will see three lines, by clicking on it you can open the menu.
  10. Here you can see the ups and downs in trading with the help of graph.
  11. Make Deposit: By clicking here you can deposit money in Binomo for trading.
  12. Here you can easily see how much money is in your Binomo Account.

Account Types in Binomo:

In Binomo, you get the benefit of 4 types of accounts, if you use Binomo, then you must have complete knowledge about these four types, so let’s understand the complete information about this subject.

Types Of Binomo Account

Demo Account

This account is provided to you as soon as you create a Binomo Account, it is a great option for your training, you can trade without investing any money, let’s know the advantages of a Demo Account.

  • Unique opportunity to try out all the features of the platform without investing any money
  • Possibility to add virtual money to your demo account at any time in the amount of $1,000, €1,000 or ₹65,000
  • Access the full functionality of Binomo to study assets, tools and practice strategies
  • Training in Business Capital Management Skills
  • A great start for novice traders

Standard Account

This account will not be free. This account will offer the full functionality of the trading platform. Let us know some of the advantages of Standard Account.

  1. Access to high turnover financial assets with stable returns of up to 85%
  2. Ability to enter trading by investing only $1
  3. Tournament participation.
  4. Top-up without limit.
  5. Ability to withdraw profits up to 3 business days.
  6. Wide range of bonuses for new customers and active traders when the account is top-up.
  7. Technical support for all users.

Gold Account

This account will be provided to you after investing Rs 500. Apart from the standard service, many special features are offered to the owners of this type of account, let’s know the advantages of this account.

  • Expanded list of assets available for trading.
  • Prompt withdrawal process for benefits – up to 24 hours.
  • Up to 86% return on trade.
  • Increased size of bonus accrued when financing the account.
  • Investment Insurance Bonus Form.
  • Advisory services in case of any matters arising in the course of trading, with Personal Manager.
  • Analytical support in the form of myriad trading strategies, certified by professional traders.
  • Weekly Cashback 5%

VIP Account:

If you invest 1000 rupees or more in Binomo then you will be provided with this VIP Account. For large deposits, Binomo offers personal program account service and exclusive trading terms. Let us discuss about some of its benefits.

  • Our VIP-customers get up to 100% bonus.
  • Business profit reached 87%.
  • Ability to withdraw profits in less than 4 hours.
  • Comprehensive list of available assets.
  • Investment insurance instrument.
  • In addition, there are a number of exclusive features that are only available to VIP-customers.
  • Weekly Cashback 10%

How To Create Binomo Account?

Have you understood what Binomo is yet? And how many types of Binomo Account are there, now let us understand how to create Binomo account?

Creating a Binomo account is very easy and the most interesting thing is that you do not even have to pay any kind of fees to login to Binomo. You can also create a Binomo account from the Binomo website and the Binomo App.

Today everyone has a smartphone, so we can help you with the help of Binomo App, Binomo Account Kaise Banaye? Will explain about this. So let’s know How To Make Binomo Account?

Step 1: First of all you have to go to Google Play Store and search the application by the name of Binomo in the search bar or you can install Binomo App directly by clicking here.

Step 2: Now you have to install Binomo App on your smartphone.

Step 3: After installation, you have to open it, it takes some time to open.

Step 4: On opening the Binomo App, a screen will open in front of you, in which you have to select Email Id, Password and the currency of your country to create Binomo Account. have to click on.

Step 5: Now your Binomo Account has been created and you will now reach the Binomo Dashboard.
So by following some of the steps mentioned by us, you can very easily create a Binomo account and now you can play your trading in Binomo.

How To withdraw money from Binomo?

You know what is Binomo? Come, now let’s understand how to withdraw money earned from Binomo.

Now many people also have a question that we have earned money in Binomo but how can we get this money? Or just say that How to withdraw money from Binomo?. So let’s also know how to withdraw money from Binomo?

Step 1: There will be an option of Cashier on the Binomo App or on the webpage, you have to click on it first.

Step 2: After clicking on Cashier, you will see many options, out of which you have to click on Withdraw Fund.

Step 3: Now a page will open in which you have to give some information.

Step 4: The information is as follows.

The Amount that you have to Withdraw.

  1. Your name
  2. Your bank account no.
  3. IFSC number of your bank
  4. Name of the Bank Branch
  5. Name of the Bank
  6. UPI ID

Step 5: After doing this, click on Request To Withdraw button.

After doing this, your money will reach your bank account in 2 to 3 days, you may have to do Email Verification.

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